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Archive Intern

Location:   Coram Campus
Salary:   £20,111 FTE (£10,055.50 part-time, 17.5 hours) London Living Wage
Closing Date:   27/05/2022

Associate Advocate

Location:   Home based
Salary:   £17.65 per professional hour / £8.83 per travel hour
Closing Date:   31/07/2022

Children's Advocacy Helpline Volunteer

Location:   Bloomsbury, London
Salary:   Expenses - (Up to £10.00 travel expenses and up to £5.00 for lunch per day)
Closing Date:   23/05/2022

Human Resources Coordinator

Location:   Bloomsbury, London
Salary:   £25,000 - £26,000 per annum
Closing Date:   06/06/2022

Independent Visitor - Manchester

Location:   Home
Salary:   £15 for expenses & up to £10 for travel expenses
Closing Date:   02/12/2022

Independent Visitor - Stockport

Location:   Stockport
Salary:   Out for pocket expenses paid for travel and activities
Closing Date:   30/06/2022

Independent Visitor - Worcestershire

Location:   Worcestershire - Homebased
Salary:   Expenses - (out of pocket expenses paid for mileage and activities)
Closing Date:   06/06/2023

Independent Visitor Co-ordinator

Location:   Home based (with travel across the region)
Salary:   £22,221 per annum
Closing Date:   22/06/2022

Independent Visitors London and South East

Location:   London and the Southeast
Salary:   Expenses up to £20 per visit (monthly) and reasonable travel expenses
Closing Date:   31/12/2022

Independent Visitors Shropshire

Location:   Shropshire
Salary:   Expenses (Travel & Lunch)
Closing Date:   30/05/2022

Independent Visitors Swindon

Location:   Swindon
Salary:   Expenses - up to £20 per visit (monthly) and travel expenses
Closing Date:   31/03/2023

Legal Advisor

Location:   Colchester
Salary:   £18,500 per annum
Closing Date:   06/06/2022

Principal Systemic Psychotherapist

Location:   Pears Pavilion - Coram Campus London
Salary:   £48,000 - £50,000 per annum (£60,000- £62,500 per annum FTE)
Closing Date:   06/06/2022

Senior Analyst (Bright Spots Programme)

Location:   Coram Campus, with flexible working
Salary:   £19,521 per annum (FTE £32,535)
Closing Date:   06/06/2022

Senior Practitioner

Location:   Westminster
Salary:   £38-42,000 PA
Closing Date:   23/05/2022

Volunteer (Independent Visitor) Co-ordinator

Location:   Home based with travel around the region
Salary:   £6,666.30 per annum (£22,221 FTE)
Closing Date:   02/06/2022