Our Values

Coram’s culture is built on five principles: commitment, respect, professionalism, dynamism and credibility. These principles are integral to who we are and what we stand for. They are the foundations of our charity and our professional lives.

Committed value Respectful value Professional value Dynamic value Credible value


We hold ourselves accountable when it comes to our goals and objectives. Our unwavering dedication to our mission and seven outcomes for children inspires trust and confidence among our clients, colleagues and professional partners.

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We aim to always act in a respectful and considerate manner with our clients, colleagues and professional partners. We do this by actively listening to understand their needs and requirements, being respectful of diverse opinions and perspectives and acting appropriately and empathically in daily interactions.

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We are renowned for our high standards of personal and professional conduct and are committed to consistently delivering exceptional results that have a positive impact on our clients’ lives. We take full responsibility for our actions.

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We are a group of specialist organisations putting children first and convening the sector across education, law, health and care systems.

We are the UK’s longest running children’s charity because we are driven to find new and better ways to support vulnerable children and young people. We encourage and inspire each other to find innovative ways to deliver the best results for those who rely on us.

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We build credibility by demonstrating transparency, openness, and honesty. Our integrity is critical to enhancing and maintaining the trust of our clients, colleagues and professional partners, and ensuring we have positive, productive and long-term relationships.

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