Valuing Diversity Statement

Coram is committed to promoting diversity and providing equality of opportunity to its staff, volunteers and services users. Valuing the backgrounds, experiences and strengths of its workforce and clients is integral to the organisation delivering high-quality services.

Coram recognises that having a workforce with a rich mix of backgrounds, knowledge, abilities and skills enhances its ability to deliver high quality services to the broadest range of children, young people and families. Coram aims to build and maintain a workforce that reflects the diversity of the communities it works within by accessing, recruiting and developing people from the widest talent pool possible.

Coram is committed to taking active steps to address and eliminate unfair or unlawful discrimination or prejudice where this is identified in the organisation's procedures or working practices. The organisation does not tolerate unlawful discrimination nor direct or indirect behaviours that are intended to bully, harass, isolate or victimise.

Coram shows respect for all its employees and volunteers, valuing each individual's contribution, regardless of their age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, civil partnership status, disability, nationality, race, religion or belief.

Coram recognises that prejudice and discrimination continue to result in unfair treatment for many people. To address this and ensure the organisation’s commitment to promoting diversity and providing equality of opportunity is embedded in its day-to-day working practices, policies and relationships Coram strives to ensure:

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